Monster Cleaning Hammersmith is a professional business operation which understands and appreciates the importance of efficiency and the value of our customers’ time. This basic yet crucial principle is applied to all aspects of our work, including the way we communicate and stay in contact with our private and business customers. Our clients are tended to by a team of dedicated consultants who deal with any query in a polite, efficient and friendly manner. The customer assistants we work with are knowledgeable and able to deal with 99% of customer queries right away. There is no fussing about or time wasting – you are provided with accurate and relevant information without delays in the way you find most convenient.

·        Get us on the phone!

If customers wish to speak to us directly, they can call our office lines, they are open seven days a week, from 8-AM to 8-PM during weekdays and 9-AM to 7-PM on Sundays and bank holidays. Customer calls are answered by actual people – there are no automated menus, button pushing or being put on hold for endless amounts of time. For your convenience we provide all relevant/necessary information on booking procedure, service pricing, availability and special deals over the phone.

·        Jot us a line instead?

In case you wish to jot us a line instead, please write to us using our contact form at the bottom of the page. Customers can receive all relevant/necessary information on booking procedure, service pricing, availability and special deals via email as well. If requesting a call back through email, please be sure to provide a valid phone number and also when is the best time to ring you. Our email inbox is monitored in real time by dedicated member/s of staff so your message will be replied to in a jiffy.

·        Catch up with us online!

If you prefer to catch up with us online please use our easy to navigate Booking/Query Form. Again – when requesting a call back through our booking/query form be sure to provide a valid number and a suitable time/day of the week for us to call you. Alternatively use our help chat (accessible through our website) – the chat is monitored by a dedicated member of staff at all times.

Despite our best efforts to manage and resolve your query in the shortest time possible, we may take a little longer to do so at certain times and days of the week when our office gets really busy. Please bear with us for the time being and we will offer you a great deal on the service you are after